Voting 2019

Revisiting the Year that was 2019

Yes! It’ s that time again – the most prestigious awards in our 12 year history so winning this is a big deal! This is the time that the cream rises to the top and the shit sinks to the bottom. As with regular tradition, you will be aided by the insights by your favourite food critics.

Remember, you cannot vote for yourself and you cannot vote for the same candidate more than once in your voting order. If you are part of a partnership you are encouraged to vote but your vote will be counted as half if both partners vote. VOTES MUST BE SUBMITTED BY NO LATER THAN 17th January 2019

February – Olio – Your President


March – Bopp & Tone Bar – Paul Apostolou


Review: “Once a G.O.A.T always a goat. Having been given a Guernsey after a decade on the sideline Paulie the goat showed winning last year wasn’t a fluke. Not only that, he took on the month of death that follows the awards presentation. (The awards presentation went well but the president is still trying to count how 847 bottles of white wine got consumed) Showing such confidence puts him as an early favourite to go back to back and to place the gold pepper shaker with his platinum award once again.”

April – Hotel Centennial – George Kafataris


Review: “Nearly got disqualified by his brother Con who brought along some undesirables. George demonstrated confidence throughout the night (I don’t know why) but he can always know that he was the inaugural winner of the HFSC.”

May – A1 Canteen – John Vera


Review: “Once the most coveted of the HFSC member it seems that’s how it will remain. Brought back memories of the school canteen but at least back at school you had a decent lunch.”

June – Capriccio Osteria Bar – Tony Antoniou


Review: “The golden child went surprisingly Italian…again. History was created when George Vat and Con Kaf were kicked out of a pub. Always confident and cosy with the bookies is surely to be on the podium. (Obviously the reputation precedes the man)”

July – Bea Barangaroo – Con Costas


Review: “Named “B” but a “Z” would be more appropriate Billions have been spent on Barangaroo precinct but someone forgot about this place.”

August – Tequila Mockingbird – Chris Christou & Rodney Leonov


Review: “The restaurant did not live up to the hype of the book. A memorable night as it was the only night that Rodney attended all year.”

September – Johnny Goes Italian – Con Kafataris


Review: “Jonny went Italian but the staff were Greek with Chinese cooks so a little misleading. Knowing the venue would fail Con brought in the celebrity factor. Tony was more in love than the night of his wedding by the attendance of the Burger Bros. Unfortunately the Burger Bros got food poisoning from the venue and lost the semi finals.”

October – 1821 – Gary Pavils & Steve Lambrinos


Review: “Waiting 400 years was worth the wait. The night had it all. Even a 50th birthday. Plenty of food and drink that did not have to be consumed before the 9.30 lock out laws. Ambiance. Music. The lot. The celebrity surprise for the nite was food. A trend that is tipped to take off.”

November – Esquire – Costa Christou


Review: “Costa was nervous so he went down the celebrity route. It worked for him last time by bringing Simone Ketchup. This year he brought……(drumroll) his cousin from Adelaide. The food was nice but the band in the background a mix between ACDC and Kiss which ruined a nice night.”

December – Chuuka – George Vatis


Review: “Although voting was already closed off it would not have altered the result. Costa was ready for a big night by having his plumber with a plunger on standby. A positive night however because more than 4 people attended for a night held by George which is a record.”

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