Voting 2018

Revisiting the Year that was 2018

Yes! It’ s that time again – the most prestigious awards in our 11 year history so winning this is a big deal! This is the time that the cream rises to the top and the shit sinks to the bottom. As with regular tradition, you will be aided by the insights by your favourite food critics.

Remember, you cannot vote for yourself and you cannot vote for the same candidate more than once in your voting order. If you are part of a partnership you are encouraged to vote but your vote will be counted as half if both partners vote. VOTES MUST BE SUBMITTED BY NO LATER THAN 15th January 2018

February – Ivy Ballroom – Your President


March – Mercado Angle Place – Chris Christou & Rodney Leonov


Review: “This was to be Chris’s last supper as he was leaving Sydney for Adelaide as the government could no longer afford to carry his HECS fees. Well this last supper ended like the first. He was crucified. A mix up a venues, delay in start times and a serving of melitzana 14 different ways. He is always a welcome member but thankfully won’t be organizing any more dinners.”

April – Nomad Surry Hills – Con Kafataris


Review: ““Nomada” what Con does you know that the people he got to arrange the night tried hard. A front for an illegal bikie gang house is not a good look for a family affair. No one dared to complain to the manager out of fear. Luckily everyone got home unscathed. Con got home 8am the following morning. Helen allegedly saw him crossing paths on the staircase.”

May – Bar H Dining – John Vera


Review: “Easy name to recall because you leave the night “H”ungry. An old bondage venue revamped into a restaurant. Many corners and dark alleys. If only walls could talk.”

June – Old Rum Store – Tony Antoniou


Review: “Unfortunately I was bedridden for a few days . I was beginning to feel better up until my right-hand man was sending me Instagram updates of what appeared to be another wedding. The ”golden boy” of the HFSC just can’t help winning and the rumour is that he has already made room for the gold pepper shaker in his trophy cabinet again.”

July – Nour Surry Hills – Paul Apostolou


Review: “Promoted to his own month after years of dedication – Paulie obviously listened to the critics of the past and did well. Will he be a one month wonder or can he back up again?.”

August – Long Chim – George Vatis


Review: “Once again George feels that dining is an extreme sport. Chili was the hero of the night as it was on and around everything. If it’s not a third world Indian experience, it’s chilli till you die. Seven of the attendees tapped out before the main was served. Costa Christou is still doing renovations to his bathroom.”

September – Bodega Surry Hills – Con Costas


Review: “A venue that time forgot. The small venue was only matched by the small plates with the small serves of food. The upside was I got to complete my miniature set from Coles.”

October – Fire Door Surry Hills – Costa Christou


Review: “The steak was beautifully presented…but unfortunately they brought it out without cooking it. A very sexy place. Costa tried to bring in the celebrity with Simone Ketchup but he found himself embarrassingly out of his depth with 3 internationals at the same table”

November – Terminus – Gary Pavils & Steve Lambrinos


Review: “Christmas came early. Plenty of food and frivolity. Everyone went home with a full stomach and with cholesterol. A new age restaurant with a twist – bring food before 11.30 pm when people are hungry. Oz harvest is still thanking the VP and the RHM for all the left-over food as they knew that they would not get anything from December.”

December – Buon Ricordo – George Kafataris


Review: “All sizzle but no sausage. Much rumoured to be one of the best restaurants in the world… but unfortunately it was just that – only rumour. The inaugural winner of the HFSC can at least know that cannot be taken away from him.”

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